Since your wisdom teeth are the last four molars to emerge at the back of your mouth, they are likely to erupt at the wrong angle or get stuck underneath your gums due to limited space in your jaw. When this happens, we say you have impacted wisdom teeth. If this problem is not fixed immediately, it will cause other serious oral complications.

That’s why dentists advise their patients to remove their wisdom teeth as soon as possible. But does it mean that you should remove all four wisdom teeth? This article will answer this and other related queries.

Should You Remove All Your Four Wisdom Teeth at Once?

There are many conflicting reports about the importance of removing wisdom teeth, with some claiming that there is no need to remove your wisdom teeth if they are not causing you any pain or discomfort. But the truth is that your wisdom teeth will most likely develop complications later in life, even if they seem okay at the moment. That’s why it is good to extract all of them at once before they become firmly entrenched in your jawbone. Removing your wisdom teeth later in life is quite difficult and risky because the neighboring nerves might be damaged in the process. It will also take your wounds longer to heal, exposing you to other serious oral problems.

Another reason it is wise to remove all four wisdom teeth at once is that keeping them will put you at risk of developing gum infections. Remember that these third molars are hidden at the back of your mouth, making them very difficult to clean. So, if the teeth don’t erupt fully, the available gums become a breeding ground for bacteria that will eventually cause gingivitis and periodontal disease. When you go for wisdom teeth extraction, your dentist will remove all four molars and close the gum to prevent bacteria buildup.

Additionally, having all your wisdom teeth removed at once is cost-effective because you will only need to book one appointment with the doctor. If you space out the extraction procedures, you will end up paying for each doctor visit and other procedural costs like anesthesia and pain relief medicine. Removing all your wisdom teeth at once saves time because you won’t keep going back to the clinic for spaced-out extraction procedures.

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