Dental implants replace the need for costly ongoing dental workBy Shreveport, LA oral & maxillofacial surgeon Dr. James Sikes

Losing a decayed or damaged tooth can be hard on your smile. Most patients tell us it’s a self-esteem issue to have a tooth missing. To fix the problem, many patient seek out the lowest cost solution for new teeth, mainly dentures and expensive bridge and crown work. These procedures add up over time and they still don’t fully address the problem of the missing tooth or teeth. Dentures are a high-maintenance prosthetic and can fail at the most inopportune times. Bridge & crown dental work have their advantages, but they too can fail and have higher maintenance costs associated with them.

In contrast to the temporary solutions for missing teeth, many patients hear about another option for missing tooth repair, which is dental implants. Dental implants are a permanent replacement for your missing tooth or teeth, and can be fitted to match your existing teeth.

Dental implants save you money by removing the need for high-maintenance dental procedures that add up over time.

Avoid Crown Replacements:

Without the dental implant, the dental crown is basically a cap that sits on the existing tooth and is not permanent. With weak roots, dental crowns can be vulnerable to cracks or displacement, often falling out while eating tough foods. You may find yourself getting multiple crown replacements over time, a cost which adds up quickly.

Avoid Dentures:

Dentures are a top replacement option for crowns but they are not as ideal. From eating to talking and smiling, your removable dentures will always be at risk of displacement. There are some issues that can be best fixed by high-quality dentures, but they tend to be expensive and still only a temporary solution. Still, even the best dentures will eventually require a replacement, at least once every 10 years or sooner. Dental implants avoid these ongoing costs with a single, upfront cost.

If you are interested in the replacement of missing teeth and have tried other options, contact the Shreveport oral surgery office of Dr. James Sikes today to learn about the new advancements in permanent tooth replacement using dental implants. Dr. Sikes is a highly trained oral surgeon with deep experience in the placement of single & multiple dental implants. The practice also offers safe & relaxing in-house sedation options to accompany most surgeries.