Dental technology continues to advance at a torrid pace. Dental implants have become a very common procedure since they gained wide-spread popularity in the 1990s. Today, you don’t have to let missing or damaged teeth ruin your happiness. Everyone should be comfortable laughing and smiling in front of people. Also, fixing missing or damaged teeth maintains a strong dental structure that prevents neighboring teeth from shifting. Those shifting teeth can lead to malocclusion, which can exacerbate dental diseases. Thus, dental implants are on of the most effective and versatile dental procedures available in restorative dentistry at the moment.

But, if you do decide that dental implants could improve your life, be sure to do your research. Before you go to your oral surgeon, there are decisions that you need to make. Are dental implants are the best option for you? Your doctor will know the best options available so talk to them first. Also, the cost of replacing your teeth is a factor. Finally, get to know which materials are available for your dental implants. The quality of your dental implants depends on the materials used to create them and how expertly they are installed. Here are the main types of materials used in the production of dental implants.


Most of the dental implants on the market today are made of titanium. Titanium is a special metal that has been used for the production of dental implants since 1950s. It has unique properties that enable the bone to grow around the implant and connect to it. This means that the jawbone will continue to grow around this metal without any rejection or complications. By allowing the bone to grow around it without reactions, titanium dental implants create a lasting anchor.

This one attribute has made titanium the most trusted and sought-after material for manufacturing dental implants. Dental surgeons prefer implants made of titanium because they provide lifelong results, and their cost is quite friendly. So, titanium remains one of the most desirable materials used in the production of dental implants.


Zirconia is the latest invention in the production of dental implants. Many scholars refer to it as the future of dental implants. Its first application in the production of implants debuted in 1990s. But it wasn’t until early 2003 that the first dental implant that was made of zirconia was released by coralroot. Although it is relatively new, this material has a growing following and has a very high success rate in dental procedures.


Recently, manufacturers commenced the production of implants made from a combination of zirconia/titanium composite materials. These premium products are touted as having many of the best characteristics of both materials. These promising implants carry a premium price tag as well, which might place them out of some people’s price range. Nevertheless, it is interesting to watch the evolution of these prosthetic devices and their ever-increasing levels of engineering sophistication.